Monday, 13 June 2016

Habits of Highly Mindful People at Work

In my corporate career I work with many different types of people, and the mindful ones always stand out, as they have an ease to how they approach their work, no matter how intense or stressful their job may be. They are usually likeable, calm, show resilience, seem very experienced, wise and have strong leadership skills. So what do they do differently? 

Below is a list of common habits that I have seen from highly mindful people. I have also provided tips on how these habits can easily be incorporated into your daily life so that you can be more mindful in your own work and overall life.

1) They focus inwards. Mindful people have a regular meditation or mindfulness practice. I have worked with many people who have shared their mindful stories with me. Some do morning yoga, morning meditation, they might run or walk through the park or they simply get some 'meditation time' on public transport. No matter what they do, all mindful people spend time focusing inwards. This also means that they have increased awareness of themselves and others. 

When you are at work you are constantly exchanging energy with others and this can be exhausting as you are managing other peoples demands and expectations. If you are a leader of people you have your team constantly taking your energy. Therefore a mindful practice is critical for rebalancing yourself so that you can continue to strive in your job and keep a balance between your body and mind. 

Try it for yourself, commit to just 2 minutes a day of your own mindful practice and work up to 5 minutes a day. Make mindfulness a priority and increase your own level of awareness. 

2) They are kind to themselves. Mindful people fill their own cup first and looking after themselves is a priority. They have self respect and self worth. By being kind to themselves, mindful people set clear boundaries, have clear communication styles, set expectations and can manage their time better. 

Being kind to themselves also means that they have energy to help lift others up as well. Mindful people invest in others and consciously spend time guiding and inspiring others at work.   

3) They observe more. Mindful people have immense awareness of their own thoughts and words and choose them wisely. They talk less and observe more. They don't get caught up in gossip, stress or anything toxic, rather they let it wash over them and move on. 

4) They journal. Mindful people write down their thoughts, insights & goals so that they don't dwell too much on their heads. They get it out and then move on to something else. Once you write it down, it gets out of your head.

5) Simplify, simplify, simplify! Mindful people simplify tasks and problems so that they don't over analyse or complicate anything. Simplicity is so important in mindfulness. Get back to basics. From my experience simplicity is a true super power and should not be underestimated especially in the corporate environment. Great leaders are able to simplify, try it and see the power for yourself. 

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